Dear Church Family.

We are writing to let you know about our proposal for risk management response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our ACCWA national president introduced to us a draft outline to comply with the church health and safety program.

We understand that the reports could be concerning, and we wanted you to know that your health, wellbeing and comfort is our priority.  We are currently monitoring the situation closely and will be implementing the full recommendations of the Australian Government to make sure that our church family is kept safe throughout this season. We will also be sure to keep you updated on the situation as it changes.

 Before we get to our new precautionary measures, can we encourage you to make time to pray for a supernatural solution.  We are confident that if God’s people “humble themselves, pray and seek His face, He will hear from heaven… and heal our land “(2 Chronicles 7:14).

We will not neglect, to put God first and see this as an opportunity for a divine salvation intervention from God. Panic propaganda brings fear, and therefore we need to keep our faith strong and as a priority. We are often reminded with: Don’t panic, stay calm. We proclaim: Don’t panic, allow God to do what man can’t do.

While we await His deliverance, there are some practical things we must implement to protect our most vulnerable.


 If you or a family member have flu-like symptoms, then it is important that you refrain from attending Midpoint activities during this season. This includes our Sunday services, Connect Groups, Youth gatherings, music practices etc for a minimum of 14 days.  This also applies to anyone that has travelled to a moderate or higher-risk nation (as listed by the Department of Health) or has been in direct contact with someone who has.

 From today on, self-isolation will be required of everyone who has travelled to mainland China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand for a minimum of 14 days.


 If you are unwell, self-isolating, or are diagnosed with COVID-19, then please don’t go through this alone. We would like you to let us know by email (info@midpointchurch.com.au) or phone (0478632595) so that we can cover you in prayer and give you the pastoral care you need.


 For those who are attending our Sunday services, you will notice that our hosts will be giving you a friendly wave instead of a handshake or a hug, this weekend and there will be hand sanitisers available in the foyer.  (Suggested by Health professionals)


 Our Kids Ministers will be regularly sanitising hands throughout the program and will not allow any child with flu-like symptoms to take part in our programs.

Church streaming

 For anyone unable to attend our Sunday services, we will make our sermons available on podcast, which you will find on the church application. There is also an opportunity for you to bring your tithe through direct debit or tithe-ly.  

In the case of a lock-down quarantine we will notify you which application you can download to watch our live streaming.

 We’d also like to encourage you to take part in our Psalm 91 Challenge. A message will be specially delivered about this topic on Sunday.

 Finally, let’s remember that how we live and the way we respond to any crisis is meant to be different to the prevailing culture around us.  This is an opportune moment for us to share the hope we have in Christ to a world desperate for answers. Please withhold from any panic conversations and postings.

 We love you dearly!

Dr Andries & Petro Botha and elder’s team.