We are a church where God leads, communicates and manifests in our leaders and our church so that we can reach out and change the community around use, touch our City and impact many nations. This is our opportunity to serve and make an impact in obedience of His command and His plan so that His will be done!


∗As a Church, we accept that our Mission is founded in God, reliant on our anointing, working towards a growing Kingdom as an everlasting vehicle to create a generational relationship with God.

∗To achieve our Mission, we are conscious that not all can be achieved at once and that short, medium and long-term goals and tasks may change over time.

∗As a Church, we submit ourselves to act on our Mission, understanding our personal attributes and gifting’s, obeying God’s plan and working together in dedicated teams to fulfil His glory.

∗Out of the above, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists will rise to influence the teams and our Mission to achieve our Vision.


∗Understand and Submit to Godly Principles

∗Establish a Sound Organisation, tested against the Word

∗Invest in our Church to grow our relationship with God and understanding of His Word

∗Reach out to our Community to grow the Kingdom

∗Establish a National and International Footprint to have a wider impact, a wider learning culture and establish support structures for our Church